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Our Nerdy Process


We spend most of the time offline for research. Software research, system and application research.  


After we doing research and compare the advantageand disadvantage from every perspective. We start to develop what we call it, "the system".


After several months testing and beta phase, we start to deliver it to our client. We want our client happy. You are happy, we are happy. That's all.

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Technical Statistics (Update Manually)









Our History

Since then, we've grown, but the principle has stayed the same: We offer quality hosting that is both affordable (which is not the same as cheap) and reliable. Combine this with a friendly and helpful approach to support, and you've got something quite unique.


The story begins: experimental

We won Business Simulation award in one of University. From that moment, we started small webhosting client with our friend from India. It was hard, but we did it. ;-)


Our first major client

We build vps and shared webhosting using server outside USA region. We built servers in The Netherland (Ecatel) for Europe client and Taiwan (HiNet) for Asia client. They have different market for different purpose. At that time, there was a lot of Unlimited provider for very cheap price. But we make sure our client that we have quality over tailored price.


PayWebHost of the Year

We started to build PayWebHost with intense to spread our wings with global brand. We did it. PayWebHost is our brand. You pay for what you get. No gimmicks. Performance matters.


Global Client

We offer cluster webhosting plans globally!

Japan, Australia, France, Germany, and The Netherland.

No additional cost to move. You can drink coffee!

We deliver cluster hosting around the globe. It will save you a lot of cost compared with another webhosting provider. We are not CDN company. But you can set your webhosting needs to the nearest to your client. You don't need calculator. What for? because we already save the cost for you. Just submit a ticket to us.

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About Our Team

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Founder & CEO

He was graduated from Engineering faculty Gadjah Mada. He is passionated about something new with IT.

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Accounting Director

Team Member


Investor and Project Management

He ever played on a band long time ago in '50, He likes to drink wine and coffee. He is doing project marketing, property and asset management overseas currently.

Inclusive work Culture

We keep smile and appreciate others. That's all. ;-)

Cutting Edge Facility

From Intel Quad-Hexa Core, SSD Hard Disk Technology, 10G connection, and cutting edge software, we believe we can deliver the best and scallable webhosting solution for your needs.

OUr hobby is IT 

Yes, IT is our hobby. What else you can do with your work if it is your hobby? You will really love your job, become nut, and satisfied with the result even the result is quitely Not nice, sometime. It's called Life.

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